UTeM Formula Varsity is  an international  student racing competition that challenges students to design, manufacture and race their single seat open-wheel formula style racing car in real track condition. This event is inspired by similar student based formula style racing events such as Formula SAE and Formula Student. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for Malaysian students with interest in motorsport engineering to put  into practice their engineering knowledge and skills in developing a working model of a formula style racing car. The event hope to foster the tie and collaboration between all Malaysian and international higher education institutions especially among the students as well as  to help create  the  needed competent human capitals for our country automotive industries.





5 responses to “About

  1. The best ever self proud myself during this event as I’m among the first ever Varsity Formula participate at UTeM. This will established your own confident. Keep it going..MUZ(BMCA 2008 Graduate)

  2. good effort and congratulation to UTeM especially to FKM (AUTO) to held this event…we always support UTeM Auto…

  3. I hope this event will continue in the future and i as former Varsity member will support Utem FKM (Auto)… Do the best to achive the best result
    (Syed BMCA 08 graduate)

  4. semoga berjaya kepada formula varsity yang mendatang… amin…

  5. wish the best for future formula varsity….

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