[PROMO] Proton Green Mobility Challenge (PGMC) 2012

Proton Green Mobility Challenge (PGMC) 2012 is organised by PROTON Holdings Berhad (PROTON) and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) . This completition serves as path for the collebration of univerisites and industry to develop an electric vechile based on the conventional Proton Saga specifications and feutures. PGMC 2012 is running out though out a year completition and only 10 universities was selected to enter the challenge. Below was the important date for the PGMC 2012.


Evergreen is named for the team challenge is from the inspiration of the nature in the green technology that makes the development is sustainable for environment.  Evergreen team consist variety of expertise in the develop the electric vehicle (EV) from the area of electrical power towards mechanical engineering .

More than 20 experts from the different faculties from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) was form the EVeGREEN team and managed by Ir. Dr Md. Nazri bin Othman. He is assist by Dr. Noreffendy Bin Tamaldin for the EVerGREEN team.

Basic Idea of the Electric Vehicle:

Complicated steps to develop


The Inspiration for the develop EVerGREEN’s EV from the conventional internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) but it replace by the electrical motor.  Since engine is replace by electrical motor, most the system used in ICEV have to charge according to needs of the EV system. Battery, controller, motor, and brakes have to modify to fit the EV system.

Likewise for the combustion engine system, thermal management is vital for motor in order running in optimum for long period. Meanwhile, heat generated from the battery is also effect on the performance of the EV system.  A part of this, several of the cooling methods is applied for the EV such the direct air cooling and liquid for cooling.

Power management is crucial in this part to give performance of the EV for the better horsepower and torque. Meanwhile, it helps to maximize the mileage run of the EV for a single charging cycle.  Design and tuning of the EV is important for achieve the higher torque and horsepower and elongate the battery life.
With well manage EV system, EVerGREEN electric vehicle will give the higher acceleration together with the higher top speed and more mileage run.

Lets support them!



[NEWS] Taylor’s Racing Team To Make Their Mark in Formula SAE Race

Taylor’s University continuously collaborates with different organisations to ensure that both its students and academic staff are able to gain exposures and knowledge on current industry demands. In these mutually-beneficial partnerships, the industry partners also enjoy the benefits of having some of the best students to work on specific projects for them in the form of collaborative researches or students’ activities.

Established in 2010, the Red Bull Taylor’s Racing Team (RBTRT), comprising a group of dedicated engineering students, went against all odds to build their functioning lightweight race car. Despite the challenges in securing sponsorship to obtain the required steel and suspension system to build the car, the team successfully completed the vehicle in a very cost-effective manner.

The team made good use of the funds received by doing researches in design, manufacturing, and testing, which were carried out simultaneously with minimal supervision by their lecturers.

Teh Renyu, a third-year mechanical engineering student who was also one of the RBTRT members, highlighted that the key to success of this project was the full co-operation given by the team members. “Even if we have all the sponsors and resources required, without a united team, the project would have collapsed.”

The team’s hard work was paid off when they beat 19 other teams from public universities nationwide and won the champion title at the Formula Varsity Race, an international student racing competition. Taylor’s University is the first and only private university to win both the Formula Varsity 2010 Overall Tournament Winner award, and the Most Outstanding Team award.

Their success fuelled the team’s aspiration to be the first Malaysian race car to enter Formula SAE, a student design competition organised by SAE International (formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers). The team members flew to Melbourne last year to experience the Formula SAE race, which they intend to participate in future.

“It was a good experience for the team to get a feel of the racing atmosphere and to assess the teams that might compete with us on the racing track.” said Loong Yun Kit, the TRT team leader and driver.

He mentioned that his team has identified some areas of improvement after watching the race, and they are confident in making their mark when representing Malaysia in the upcoming international race.

The only female member of the team, Andrea Kraal, agreed that the trip was very educational and they are in the midst of gearing up for the battle in Melbourne this year.

To know more about our Engineering courses, do check out our Taylor’s University School of Engineering’s website at

source: http://asiancorrespondent.com/75771/taylor%E2%80%99s-racing-team-to-make-their-mark-in-formula-sae-race/

[NEWS] FV 2012 – Registered Teams (Final)

So far, FV 2012 received a confirmation of 23 teams. Some of Higher Institution send out more than one team. But I’m wondering, why FV 2012 lack of participants from University or College University? Where are university’s team from USM, UTM, UPM and UTHM? Where are this so called first class university in Malaysia? I raised this concern does not mean I’m looking down at Polytech’s team or Institute Kemahiran’s team, but its more to make this competition more exciting and to find balance between university teams and polytech teams.

Detail of participant teams as below:

Great news! They are already with us.

Update: Teams has registered until current date:

1. Kolej Komuniti Jempol (1 team).

2. KKTM Kuantan (2 teams)

3. Politeknik Kota Bahru (1 team)

4. Politeknik Mukah (1 team)

5. Politeknik Muadzam Shah (1 team)

6. UTeM Faculty of Engineering Technology (1 team)

7. UTeM Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (1 team)

8. Kolej Komuniti Bukit Beruang (1 team)

9. Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan (1 team)

10. Taylor’s University (FV2010 Champion) (2 teams)

11. Politeknik Merlimau (2 teams)

12. Kolej Komuniti Bandar Baharu Kedah (1 team)

13. German-Malaysia Institute (1 team)

14. Politeknik Seberang Perai (2 teams)

15. KKTM Masjid Tanah (2 teams)

16. IKM Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad Pahang (2 teams)

17. TATI University College (1 team)

18. Politeknik Melaka (1 team)

19. IKM Sungai Petani (2 teams)

20. Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) (1 team)

21. Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (POLISAS) (1 team)

22. Multimedia University (MMU) (1 team)

23. Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) (2 teams)

24. IKM Jasin (1 team)

25. Universiti Selangor (UniSel) (1 team)
Well guys, they have did it. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us now. Let the spirit begins.

source: FB

[NEWS] FV Deadline Extended


We are happy to announce an extention of our UTeM Formula Varsity™ 2012 registration deadline through July 16, 2012. We wanted to make sure everyone has the opportunity to register and participate in the most awaited 2012 racing event.

Register now. Let the spirit begins.

source: UTeM FormulaVarsity (Facebook)

[EIMARace 2012] Promo at Scoreboard TV3

[INFO FV 2012] Brake Test

Part of Formula Varsity 2012 event regulation, there is requirement for ‘Acceleration & Brake Test. The purpose of acceleration and braking test is to evaluate the car acceleration and braking performance in a straight line on flat pavement.

Accelerate and Brake test procedure:
1) The car and brake test will begin from a standing start over a distance of 50 m on a flat surface.
2) The foremost part of the car will be staged at 0.30 m behind the starting line.
3) A yellow flag will be used to indicate the approval to begin, time starts only after the vehicle crosses the start line.
4) The test can be repeated ONCE only for each team.
5) The total distance to accelerate is 35 m from the start line. When the foremost part of the car reaches the 35 m line also, the driver must apply the brake to stop. Total distance between the rearmost of the car and the 35 m line will be measured.
6) The yellow flag will be used at 35 m line to indicate to drivers can start to brake.
7) The green flag will be used to indicate the approved brake and accelerate test is success.
8) The red flag will be used to indicate that brake test and acceleration test has failed.
9) Marks will be given according to the total distance and the total time needed for a vehicle to completely stop. The shorter the distance and the time is, the higher the marks are.
10) The following equation is used to determine the scores for the event:


[FV 2012] Official Schedule

DAY 1 : 12 OCTOBER 2012

3.00 pm             :             Registration

6.30 pm             :             Dinner

8.00 pm             :             Briefing session, Vote for Qualifying Race

DAY 2 : 13 OCTOBER 2012

8.30 am             :              Opening ceremony

9.30 am             :              Preparation for Static Event

10.30 am           :              Presentation & evaluation of Static Event

12.00 pm           :              Dynamic Event 1 : Brake Test, Acceleration, Qualifying

5.00 pm             :              Preparation for Dynamic Event 2 

DAY 3 : 14 OCTOBER 2012

8.00 am             :              Free practice

10.00 am           :              Official launch by VIP

11.00 am           :              Dynamic Event 2—Final Race

12.30 pm           :              Closing ceremony

1.00 pm             :              End of event